1. Unicode vs UTF-8
  2. A Safe Type-Indexed Set for Standard ML, Errata
  3. A Safe Type-Indexed Set for Standard ML
  4. Modularity à la ML (slides)
  5. On Determinism and Free Will
  6. Calculating an Object Graph's Size on the JVM
  7. Run a single specs2 example from sbt
  8. Contravariant Functors — An Intuition
  9. Dependencies and Modules in Scala
  10. Explore JVM Libraries in a Quick sbt Session
  11. Scala's flatMap is not Haskell's >>=
  12. Commonly Used List Processing Functions in FP
  13. How Inheritance Violates Encapsulation


Talks & Presentations

  1. Bucharest FP #34, October 2018, An Applicative Application

  2. Scalar 2017, Modularity à la ML