1. On Determinism and Free Will
  2. Calculating an Object Graph's Size on the JVM
  3. Run a single specs2 example from sbt
  4. Contravariant Functors — An Intuition
  5. Dependencies and Modules In Scala
  6. Explore JVM Libraries in a Quick sbt Session
  7. Scala's flatMap is not Haskell's >>=
  8. Commonly Used List Processing Functions in FP
  9. How Inheritance Violates Encapsulation
  10. Composing Java Interfaces Using Generics
  11. On Life and Evolution
  12. Clojure Impressions
  13. Understanding Monads With JavaScript


Talks & Presentations

  1. Codecamp Iași 2016, A Type Inferencer for ML in 200 Lines of Scala

  2. I T.A.K.E. Unconference 2016, Let's Write a Parser