1. Unicode vs UTF-8
  2. A Safe Type-Indexed Set for Standard ML, Errata
  3. A Safe Type-Indexed Set for Standard ML
  4. Modularity à la ML (slides)
  5. On Determinism and Free Will
  6. Calculating an Object Graph's Size on the JVM
  7. Run a single specs2 example from sbt
  8. Contravariant Functors — An Intuition
  9. Dependencies and Modules in Scala
  10. Explore JVM Libraries in a Quick sbt Session
  11. Scala's flatMap is not Haskell's >>=
  12. Commonly Used List Processing Functions in FP
  13. How Inheritance Violates Encapsulation
  14. Composing Java Interfaces Using Generics
  15. On Life and Evolution
  16. Clojure Impressions
  17. Understanding Monads With JavaScript
  18. How to Associate TextMate With CoffeeScript Files
  19. Deriving the Y Combinator in 7 Easy Steps
  20. How to install Memcached functions for MySQL
  21. PLAI - Rudimentary Interpreters
  22. PLAI - Chapter I
  23. Git's environment filter
  24. CSS for Firefox only
  25. JScript deviations from ECMAScript 3
  26. Lambdas and closures in PHP 5.3
  27. What's new in PHP 5.3
  28. Komodo Edit dark theme
  29. XHTML no matter what
  30. PHP's ErrorException class
  31. Change default sort order in Mozilla Thunderbird
  32. MySQL transliteration function
  33. Ajax file upload with pure JavaScript
  34. My first contribution to an open source project
  35. How not to use dates in PHP
  36. MVC example from real, biological life
  37. How to install Python libraries on Windows
  38. Assessing Google Chrome